Sunday, June 10, 2007

Eastward, Ho!

One of my loyal and adored readers, JBeeky, asked for an update so here is what we have so far. Not much.

There is still no date from The Communications Company (ha!), so we have no idea when we should plot our move.

How we are moving is still up in the air. Latest idea is that we rent a U-Haul that gorgeous, strong men and women load for us. At least the heavy furniture. Trailer The Purple Beast on that. Scrounge up more funds to purchase a trailer thingy that the other car will tow for the cats and that we could sleep in some of the nights while we travel.

In the meantime we are each sorting through belongings. The piles include freecycle, craigslist, recycle, trash, paperback swap, Crossroad/Buffalo Exchange. and a bunch of "what do we do with it?"

Recently I had a terrible thought for which I of course found solution. The first time I transversed the country to move to California from Massachuetts, September 11th happened. The date of my departure was planned for quite sometime. I left the morning of September 10th, with many friends stopping by as I shoved the last of my belongings and my drugged cat into my truck. It was a very sad morning. I landed in Buffalo, NY that evening to stay with Darci, Rich and their baby Sophie. In the morning Darci shut off the television so we could have our last in person chat. My cell phone, which was brand new, rang but I knew it was my partner C (now my ex) and blew it off. When I got in to my car there were two messages, I turned on the radio and began to check messages.

Stunned is a good way to quickly sum up my feelings. It was incredibly surreal. When I heard the Tower had fallen all I could say into the phone was that it wasn't possible. I had watched them finish the North Tower as a kid living in Brooklyn, the tops of those buildings were in my sight daily. That evening I landed in Elkhart Indiana and finally saw the images. It was a very eerie trip across country.

In November of 2004 I flew to Ohio to help TGF move out here. She voted and we drove The Purple Beast loaded with her essentials and her cat Gracie. Bush was reelected. 'Nuff said. Hard to say which was worse for the nation. The idea of moving across country again began started to feeling tainted, doomed if you will.

However I realized something! This time I was heading east, turning back the tide, righting the world's axis even. When this thought occurred to me I breathed a huge sigh of relief. The pressure of my movements effecting the country, nigh, the world was quite the burden.

So that's the quick update. Essentially we are moving forward despite our finances, hire dates, moving details being in a holding pattern.


Jbeeky said...

Hee, hee thank you very much! Sounds like you will be traveling the country solving crimes, make sure to have cool nick names, kay?

Jennie said...

Amen. And I managed to fly through Chicago O'hare without a major disaster last time. So, godspeed.