Monday, June 25, 2007

How could I forget!

I cannot imagine how I forgot this! Last Friday I went to my school's Residential Conference, just to visit people. I am much too impoverished and peeved at some of the higher level staff to actually attend but I could not imagine not seeing people.

The first person I saw was Ray who wasn't supposed to be there, which is essentially what we said to each other. It appears the rumors ran fast and furious that I had already moved to Ohio and that I had dropped out of school.

It was so good to see Jennifer, the best hotel roommate ever. Kerrie looked gorgeous and is really blossoming. It turned out that Mary never moved up to SF which I thought she was going to do. I briefly saw Rick who practically begged me to stay in touch, after offers his sympathies on my impending move. Scott, my bodhisattva buddy, brought his wife and daughter - such an incredible soul. And in the "OMG what is he thinking" catagory, my pal Steve is engaged to someone he has been dating 23 weeks (he said, "What is that anniversary, paper clips?" At least he is funny about it.). Though she was there, I didn't really get a chance to chat with Candice but did connect well with her sweetheart. Several of us offered dating tips to Sheri. Unfortunately I only saw Angela for a brief moment but it was sweet. Theopia and I had many good laughs. My all night buddy from last June's RC, Sandra, actually cried when she saw me. One of the best things I heard, and many wonderful things were said to me that night, was Sandra telling she didn't realize how much she loved me until I wasn't there.

I wish I had known how widespread the rumor was because I sure could have used a sandwich board saying "not yet but soon" and "maybe" to the move and leaving school because I repeated myself endlessly. It was a good move on my part to go but it did bring up feelings of sadness. I will really miss this piece of my life when it really over.

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Jbeeky said...

Why is it that always happens in the end of something? You are about to move, or change jobs and it happens. But at least you are loved.