Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In which our heroine feels thwarted by her universe

Absolutely thwarted I tell you. Or maybe cursed. Either is not fun let me assure you in case you had any delusions that this is a good thing.

I am trying to clear things out of here, much of it good shape, and get some cash. Thinking I had a bit of equity if you will in my china I put it on craigslits, Berkeley Parent's Network. Nada. Ebay, ditto. Contacted three auction house to try that route. Essentially I got laughed at via the phone and email. My mother's wedding china would cost me over three grand to replace but I cannot sell it for anything like that, or even one third of that amount. Anyone want a mid-century collection setting for 12 plus some serving pieces? Cheap!

Today I brought a couple of bags of clothing, all nice stuff- some never worn, to two second hand stores.. None of it even old. The first place bought only two crappy pair of shoes that my mother bought at Ross's during her visit to the west coast. Hideous things. Seven bucks. Hop over to the other place hoping for better luck. Here there is a huge line. A number of nice people so some pleasant little chats. Got a few rows of knitting done on T'Mane's top. Haven't been knitting much but both pieces really have a deadline now. Finally get to the table and again, no luck. Two more pieces gone for twelve bucks. Woo-freaking-hoo.

No nibbles on the majority of stuff I posted on craigslist. No extra hours last week at work. Doesn't look like any will happen this week either. It's depressing. Sunday night I went to sleep about midnight only to wake up about 4am unable to shut my brain off so I padded into the living room. That's when I wrote my last post, in the early hours of Monday morning. I feel like I'm such a roller coaster of emotions. One moment I'm feeling positive, virtuous even- like when I went through my entire four drawer file cabinet- another moment like after the first clothing store, incredibly angry. Speaking of which, anyone looking for an eclectic selection of clothing? Cheap? Some books at a bargain. A set of four vintage champagne glasses for $10? Bah humbug.

I'm tired of doing my nekkid dances in the moonlight on the shores of bay and not getting anything in return. Anyone else want to cast some spells?


heather said...

i've never tried to sell china but i wonder if an antiques dealer might get you at least a *somewhat* decent amount of money? and by that i mean more than $50 (i would hope).

anyway. i, too, have been through the 'why isn't anyone buying my stuff?!' thing (panic) and it sucks. sorry that's going so slow. :-/

Breena Ronan said...

Do you really need the money? Or are you just trying to get rid of stuff so that you can move? It sucks that our culture is so focused on new stuff, I'm sure your stuff is perfectly good.

louisiana swamp rat said...

Sorry things are seeming so out of control right now - keep in mind in 6 months this will all seem like a bad dream (of course, you'll be in Ohio and living what feels like a bad dream) - joking, I'm joking!!

Really, I wish things were going better. Take care, sweetie.

Jbeeky said...

THERE is nothing more deppresing than waiting in line at The Buffalo Exchange and having some chick who is all of 8 years old go through your stuff in about two seconds and stick her nose up in the air about most of it. I think it is time for an old fashioned yard sale, lady. I am so sorry you are going through this. It absolutely sucks. But, if you were not a roller coaster of emotion, I would be more worried. You should feel like a roller coaster. It means you are healthy person processing turmoil. Thinking of you and hoping for a happy turn of events.....

Bitter Betty said...

Babe, I bet a butterfly trying to break out of their cocoon goes through a great bit of pain.

Change is supposed to hurt.

That being said, I will happily pay you to knit me this hat.


wen said...

how about a garage sale? bill it as a 'moving sale' and you will get a LOT of folks. i did this when i moved in santa cruz and got cash for the things i couldn't fit in my new place or no longer wanted.

also, try crossroads trading for clothes. i used to have decent luck with them in santa cruz and i know there's one in berkeley and one in oakland. i heard they buy different things at their different stores so perhaps visit both if you have the time and gas to get there.

there is a 'mid century' modern type store in uhm, either oakland or emeryville...if your mom's china is from the 50s, and fits their aesthetic, you might want to see if they buy and would take a look at it.

also--perhaps yahoogroups about china / dishware might have some ideas or even a buyer. :)

good luck, and i know how frustrating this can be!!