Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The time has come for desparate measures

Breena asked me about the whys of our parting with things. By the way, folks go read her sometime, she's great.

One - We have a lot of things we don't really need. Like old bank statements, sewing patterns I have never used, nail polish I have no patience to bother with. Why move it? Lots is moving out of here via Freecycle. Every time I put a labeled bag on my porch I feel a bit gleeful. It is so lovely being able to give new life to things.

Two - The reason I have been hauling bags of clothing around (Rockridge Rags is next up for my "look at this lovely stuff" act), advertising things like a fax machine, a file cabinet, china and other things is we are dead broke. Seriously folks. We have been scrapping by for over a year now. I have no credit left on my two cards. There is not a savings accounts. Nada.

To move we need to rent a moving truck, hire some guys to load our heavy furniture, pay for gas across country and live on cheap peanut butter and bread from now until god knows when. Keep the critters fed. Oh yeah, and put first, last and security on a place sight unseen so we have somewhere to unload the truck.

So in addition to my nekkid dances in the moonlight by the bay I have added a "donate" button on my sidebar. It feels weird and in truth I don't expect to get anything but I have to try everything, you know?

Psst. Speaking of which....

I still got that china.

I'm just saying....


Breena Ronan said...

Oh thanks! :) Today I noticed that Antioch College is closing down, so rental rates in Yellow Springs should soon be going way down, of course most of the cute lesbians will have left town. :(

Barbara said...

I sent you a little something - hope it helps.

heather said...

and here i was in a computer lab, about to send you some instructions! glad you got it figured out. =)