Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Regression and Progress - knitting people knitting

I am not as bold as to make progress in any other area right now.

Surprise, no longer surprise, project 1 - For TGF was finished, used all three hanks so no matching hat. It needs blocking however. Well doesn't
need it but the pattern will shown up better, in my not so humble opinion.

Surprise, still a surprise project 2 - Last Saturday, over a week ago, I frogged the entire thing! No it wasn't the dropped stitch, though it would have a good reason to frog weeks ago. You know, now I can't remember what the last straw was but frogging I awent. For several inches worth of knitting I had been thinking I had made an error, oops can't really say how, but a proportional type error. So whatever finally drove me over the edge had the added benefit of being able reproportion the item, I like it much better. Today, I finally reknit all the yarn I had frogged! Now on to the rest of the skein, then blocking.

Last night while visiting Jennie, under the guise of helping her with her lovely home, I scored a bit more yarn. Yes, yes I am an addict. I am now the proud owner of a somewhat less than full skein of Plymouth Yarn "Dreambaby D.K." in colour 112 - in other words a really bright purple. Very soft yarn it is. Also a full (I think) skein of Li*n Brand "Micro Spun" in colour 148, otherwise known as turquoise. (On my screen the colours are not very accurate and much nicer in person.) Almost three full skeins of Cleckheaton "Tapestry" in colour 13, which is a lovely varigated mix of a bright burgundy, dark teal, a chestnut and more muddy brown. Much prettier than it sounds, I swear (see it here). As of Winter 2006 it is now sold under the name "Country" rather than "Tapestry". This place seems to have the colourway I am now in possession of. I had initially thought about making a beret for Sunny out of this stuff, but know I'm thinking about trying LouLou Comfort Socks. Not sure there's enough yarn though.

The other day I finally started the square for a Blanket of Love for a member of another list I'm on. Got a couple inches done, and frogged. (See a pattern here?) Decided I am not a good enough knitter to wing it with vague design I had in mind. I did commit to going with Li*n's Brand Homespun. So I grabbed a piece of paper and some cheap crayons and sketched out what I wanted to do and estimated stitch and row counts for the design. So for someone who has never done real colour work, I am going to use 4 yarns for a 10 x 10 inch square. Ambitious? That would be a generous description. I suspect insane more accurate. According to what I learned last night at Jennie's, I will be doing intarsia based on technique but not really when one finds example of such work on the web.

Since my yarn was rescued from some poor beleagued craftser (thank you Freecycle) with way too much yarn, I don't think these colours are being produced any more but...
Colour 1 - sort of a cross between Adironack and Plantation
Colour 2 - similiar to Ranch, but my colour is more varigated
Colour 3 - similiar to Pacifica
Colour 4 - close to Lemonade

Somewhere in there, I really, really want to start T'Mane's next outfit, before she gets too big to fit it!

I finally had an idea for a project for me! With yarn I already have. Bonus! I have, I think, 6 skeins of Jo Sharp Rare Kid Mohair, or something like that in Jasmine Tea colour. I want to make something like this shrug. Something like this would be great for camp in Maine. When I first saw this pattern, I told TGF
if I made it in time for camp (this is before I thought about using the specific yarn) I bet I could leave camp with orders from attendees for this things, and hey that would give me some income for the fall. Yeah, I know, I'm nuts.

Like I said regression and progress. Which is which? Your call.

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Jennie said...

Brava for finally planning a project for your*self*. I wish we weren't going away this weekend; I'd help you block the purple scarf!

Interesting that the one word you left out of the Jo Sharp yarn name is "comfort"...