Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The 5 List

Wen tagged me for this eons ago. I was distracted by company, then a bad mood hung over me but now, now I'm ready.

5 Nicknames You Had/Have
1. Poochie - from my uncle. yes like pooch for dog with "e" sound at the end. I know.
2. Linny - don't ask, I won't tell
3. Tabby - after a dozen times of saying no it's not short for Tabitha, my friend Clontz and I decided to tell people it was short for Tabernacle, though she added middle name of Aristotle
4. Sammy Jo
5. Dharma

5 Sweet Treats You like to Eat
1. ice cream - always, even in january in nyc when I had no heat - true story!
2. blackberries
3. milky way chocolate bar
4. cookies, many kinds
5. mango with sweet rice - just had this last week - YUMMY!

5 Things People Would Be Surprised You Have
1. sawsall
2. Moroccan dagger
3. a mild fear of heights
4. a penchant for bacon
5. a background in photography

5 Fabulous Celebrations
1. 30th birthday
2. my wedding to my now ex
3. our houseblessing
4. our chanukah candle lighting

5 Things You'd Like to Have
1. my masters degree
2. my MFT license
3. a larger house
4. more trips home
5. a savings account

5 Cool Presents You've Received
1. tickets to the entire performance of Twyla Tharp (in the early 80's)
2. my mother
3. my "this isn't the real one and when I buy that one this will be a 'just because ring" engagement ring
4. certains friends are definitely gifts
5. The Girl Friend - a gift that is cool, amazing, scary, inspiring and whole lot more adjectives

5 Things You've Collected
1. baseball cards
2. representation of cat (ceramic, clay, wood, etc)
3. teapots
4. cookbooks
5. shoes

5 Books You've Read in the Past 5 Years
1. Memoirs of a Geisha
2. The Probable Future
3. Odd Thomas
4. Ramona, Helen Hunt Jackson
5. Lucky You, Carl Hiaasen - one of my favorite authors though this is not his best work

5 Slang Terms You Use Regularly
1. Geez Louise
2. Zowie
3. Cripes
4. Blimey
5. Dammit All To Hell

A multitude of 5 people you tag for this meme.
That's hard as most of the folks who actually read my blog have already done this one. {pout, poor me, no one reads me}
GayProf (poor guy a newbie to my blog. Oh well, no mercy)

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