Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Did I ever mention how much I hate commercials

No? Huh, curious since it a subject that erupts from my body at least once a day (yes, I confess to a terrible tv addiction). In truth, even the shows I love to watch frequently cause me to foam at the mouth. Take last night's episode of Law & Order: SVU, or as Twisty refers to it "Law & Order: Multilated Women Unit", they quoteth "1 in 5 children are approached online by predators". I may have the phrasing off but the number is identical. I immediately pipe up, Where do they get these numbers? What do they mean by approached? What definitions are they using".

Yes, folks it is truly a joy to watch the tube with me. You know, I almost wrote "boob tube" and then thought, Boob? As in the appendages that droop (I am getting older, droop is inevitable) from my chest? Boob as in idiot? What is the connection there? Why is that connection there? Geez.

But the commercials. Remember when a commercial sprouted my conspiracy theory? There's a commercial for something, I can't remember what because I really don't register the product or brand well, about "mom" having something for herself. It's something really important, like a candy bar designed for women or some other such nonsense. It infuriates me every single time. A commerical on the radio lists all the things "she" picks up for everything one else, but finally buys herself a "little something just for her". I think it's debit card commercial. As if only after taking care of everyone else, doing things for them that they can do themselves, like hubby picking up his own damned dry cleaning (yes this is an actual example) she has "earned" a little treat for herself.

However, the Burg*r K*ng commercial has me seething so hard I can't see straight, so I am linking a very good post on the subject, which I found via my dear buddy Ancrene - thanks hon!. Not surprisingly Shakespeare's Sister also has a very pithy response to this ad.


wen said...

Wow, this is the second time in a week I've had to use my PhD content material. LOL. Seriously, though, the boob tube is called that because of the idea that you sit down in front of it and it fulfills all your needs, like the maternal breast, i.e. you're "suckling" at the boob tube. There are a lot of complex, big-worded theories that draw on the idea of suturing and desire and blah blah blah, but that's the main idea. the "injection" or IV theory (that tv is a one-way discourse that just drips nonsense into you) is another one.

i tend to think that's a bit simplistic, however, because there are definitely "resistant" viewers who read subtexts, analyse commercials and basically don't accept any of it at face value, even if they do enjoy watching television.

wen said...

sorry about the scary capitalization/lack thereof. i'm sick!

GayProf said...

Hail, Amazon Sister! Thanks for the shout-out!

Jax said...

Sometimes lurker, first time commenter here. The 1 out of 5 kids are approached by an online predator is comes from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. While I'm all for the internet, if kids don't know what to look out for, things can get scary quick. I recommend checking out for more info behind the stat and to see some of the work that the National Center is doing to improve awareness out there!

Jennie said...

Hm. My understanding is that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children exaggerates their numbers a bit (by overcounting missing children, for one).

Anyway, I think the men who give in to this idea of "man food" are victims. They are going to end up with heart disease because they couldn't stand up and make their own good choices in the face of this monolithic "We are real men and you must be JUST LIKE US" mentality. I know there's no male form of 'feminism,' but it seems like the same concept--the right to self-determination. And using that self-determination to make better, healthy choices for a longer life.

"Texas Whopper"--for fuck's sake! Idiots.

Dharma said...

Thank Wen! Yes, I think I've come across that somewhere in my way far away reading in the long ago. Would love to know more about your PhD work sometime. Yep, count me as a resistant viewer.

Jax, I agree with Jennie that statistics can be mangled and twisted very easily. Remember Mark Twain! I am quite aware of the danger of this beast.

Gayprof - any time! And through you I just found another blog that I am enjoying, so thanks back at ya!

Dharma said...

Oh, I forget - Jax - thanks for delurking!

jax said...

Thanx, I'm glad to finally chat with everyone a bit! While I can’t vouch for the statistical data 100%, if you want to check out the info for yourself here's more from cybertipline that backs it up

In any case, I think kids should start to try to be more safe online!