Friday, May 19, 2006

It's about connection

Sometimes you just have an ache, a desire to make love. It's not about having sex, per se. It's not about being horny. It's not even about release of stress (oh come on, you do use sex that way too, admit it!). It is about a certain connection that happens when two people are naked in skin and in emotion that allows for a linkage that adds another layer of devotion. Some posit that since orgasms release the hormone, oxytocin, it is a chemical thing, which would mean it happens regardless of who you are with.

On some level that is true, no doubt. However, when it's with your beloved, it is so much more than a pure chemical reaction. Right now I hunger for that moment, that space in time when things suspend in that haze of chemicals, closeness, breathing in the scent of her skin. To lose time in that way that only happens when making love, and the time right after. Afterwards you're tired, hungry, unable to decide what to do next, feeling languid; trying not to let life back in just yet, holding off for as long as possible the realities that await you on the other side of the door. To soak in that stillness of togetherness that will wrap you in comfort, feed you deep in your soul.

That's what I need.


Wyatt's Mom said...

You should have told me this last night.

wen said...
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wen said...

Sounds like what one gets with Tantra. :) (That's why I love it and why I teach it.)