Thursday, April 06, 2006

With hours to spare

I finished the Most Adorable Niece Ever's sweater! with hours to spare. In classic fashion I had totally let go of the fact that it required buttons. Monday night I had declared that I would simply (yeah right, where are the buttons?) find something from my various stashes. Then yesterday I thought well, I could just stop at Skein Lane and see if something strikes my fancy. Yeah any opportunity to fondle yarn. I found buttons almost instantly - a great match.

Now of course I am not totally pleased with this sweater, because well it wouldn't be me if I could ignore the flaws and simply take pleasure in the fact
that I finished it, that the yarns match so well, that the buttons are delightful, that I finished on time. No that would be, oh I don't know, mature, nonobsessive, someone happy to have finished her second sweater EVER. I followed the pattern, I really did. But the sleeves seem funky. There are very narrow at the cuff and widen considerably, though barely enough to match the arm holes in the body. The shape is not graceful. I shot the photos around the misshapen extensions that pose of sleeves..
Yes, that is a photo of The Most Adorable Niece Ever in the background.

Before I could take those photos, however I had to remove Miss Joia from the sweater, she was totally smitten with the yarn! See for yourself.

So now I have nothing on the needles!!! I finished The Girl Friend's hat that matches the alpaca scarf. I need to get photos of those up, but she just left for Ohio at the butt crack of dawn (Hi Andrea!) I have a project in mind for this yarn, a lacy scarf, but shhhh, it's a surprise for someone.

Oh and when Puppyman and I got home from SFO, I lay down begging for sleep because I am still pretty sick when I realize that TGF forgot to grab the matching hat for Leigh (TMANE), and that the set I made for Jeriann! ARGHHH. This is why I like making lists. Oh sure TMANE won't notice but her parents and grandparents would be so delighted by it, and since I am terrified the sweater won't fit, ever, the hat at least will at some point. As for Jeriann, it just would have been nice for one of us to see her face when she got the stuff. Of course I will also cast on for TMANE's next outfit. Oh yeah, and I have another surprise planned but I need to find a pattern, like now!

Off to search.


Jennie said...

It's really lovely. Graham's sweater (childHood) has big openings at the shoulders, too; I think it's to make it easier to put on. Great buttons!

Sorry TGF forgot the extra things. I always have to make lists when I go on trips. And still periodically forget to bring socks. Or underwear.

Patti said...

Your kitty is just hugging that sweater! I wouldn't worry about the shaping - little kids can get away with (and look REALLY CUTE) wearing clothes that us grownups couldn't wear. I bet she'll look adorable. You'll have to show us a picture of her wearing it.

May I suggest you knit a sweater for your cat?

Ancrene Wiseass said...

The picture of Joia with the sweater is hilarious!

And yes, that's a mighty fine-lookin' sweater.