Friday, April 14, 2006

Mystery Projects & Musings

I am knitting. I swear. But they are surprises so I can't say much. One is going beautifully! Gosh I wish I could post something more about it. The other, well, not as well. With the help of The Girl Friend a pattern was decided on, attempted but it wasn't moving me. One, it wasn't an easy flow to remembering the pattern, two it didn't seem to be working. So frogging I awent. I have found a new pattern to use that is simpler. Sure the first one is beautiful but I'd rather not take 6 months to finish it, you know?

So two secret projects. Need to start the next one for The Most Adorable Niece Ever (TMANE). I will post photos of her in the first sweater soon. TGF had a wonderful trip home and has a TON of photos of our T'mane.

I have started pouring over yarn porn dreaming of the right yarn for our friend Ruth, Piccolo's mom. I know the colours I would like, I even have a basic idea of the kind of project and pattern I would like - I probably have it saved somewhere already.

Then my dear friend Lisa Geiger (she no longer lives in Sweden but in the Boston area and is the best chiropractor -EVER) and her amazing son Jacob were just here and alas!
she is allergic to wool but she is an easy target for acrylic. However I would much rather make something luscious out of rayon or silk for her. Although looking at my stash, which thanks to a reminder from Jennie I realize is pretty sizeable given I haven't been knitting very long and am so broke, I found some wonderful pealized kind of cotton I have that I can perhaps whip out a quick hat with to send to her. Or maybe something else {rubbing my hands together with a glint in my eye}.

Jennie suggested that I make something for myself but that still hasn't happened yet. Knitting is like cooking for me. It's another art form of sorts for me and I like giving away
my art. I have found that I am fed substantially by my cooking, when I'm really into it, in a way that means I eat less. I also get such joy out of making an object and passing it on.

My first venture into knitting 2.5 years ago I made:
1 scarf for my sister Hannah
1 scarf for my then sister in law
1 scarf for my then partner
1 scarf for my friend Michelle
A beret, scarf and bag set for my then mother in law
1 scarf for a lover
I think that was it.

This go round so far:
1 ear warmer/headband for TGF
1 hat and scarf set for TGF
1 hat and scarf set for Jeriann- that has to be sent!!!!
1 baby sweater from hell for the teddy bear
1 pair of booties, just for fun
1 beret for Sunny
1 pair of ankle warmers for Sunny
3 chemo hats for Sunny
1 scarf for Sunny
1 sweater and hat for T'mane

In the works: 2 items for 2 people, 1 outfit for T'mane, a vague idea for Ruth, a vague idea for Lisa, mother in law requested a hat - need to see if I have any good yarn for that,
and a cat bed for my beloved Niya who is in my ex's custody - n
eed to buy some wool good for felting for this project.

Yes, I have lots of patterns lying around and sa
ved on the web that are earmarked for me, but well, do you see this list? The truth is that I love producing things for others. Sure, I am sure vanity queen that I am I would also love the ohs and ahs I would receive for wearing things I made. I do look forward to that day, but somehow knitting love into things and passing them on to people care for, well that feeds me in such a wonderful way that I am rather hooked on it.

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Jennie said...

I would be happy to make Niya's felted bed if you start a project for yourself. Yes, this is a bribe.