Thursday, April 20, 2006

Days of Whine and Cheese

So I'm not done.

Car rant:
Sunday we discover that one of the tires on the Purple Beast is almost flat. Do we have a spare in the car? Of course not. We decide to walk over to Costc* to see if they have Fix-a-Flat. However not long after we start about a one mile jaunt (after doing two laps at the dog park), TheGirlFriend says, "Hey, it's Easter Sunday! They might be closed." A quick cell phone call tells us that yes indeed closed. Good news, we saved ourselves a LOT of frustration and some good exercise - Bonus! Evalution shows that we can limp the Beast to a gas station and get air. Works. We continue in this fashion for the next few days.

Tuesday, in order to be safe I take the Cow (in our possession courtesy of Sue and Sarah) to drive to Jennie's so she can play hockey and I can hang with the now 6 YEARS OLD! Graham. Jennie stay late to hang with Liz and Andrea (who are awaiting the arrival of the most heralded baby ever!). When I get into my car at midnight (yes you read that right), it's dead. Yep, left the lights on - damned day lights savings. Good thing I have AAA. In true obssessive fashion I knit - there was enough street light. I almost finish a pattern repeat when the Nice Man with Charger Materials appears.

Wednesday morning, I take the Cow to get to supervision (don't EVEN get me started on how that went!) and TGF was going to get the flat plugged. While in the session from hell, TGF calls, leaves a message that says, no go on the tired, it's totally flat, on the rim, please call AAA. Oh good gravy! Well that changes plans a bit.

On the phone with a nice lady at AAA, she asks, "Did you already call today?". "No. Oh well I guess technically, yes, because it was after midnight. This is a different car. Not having a good time." Luckily I haven't reached my limit for calls to AAA.

Okay, we get the tire changed. TFG will take the tire to get plugged sometime soon. Then!! TGF goes out to Red Car to take Wyatt to the dog park, while I take PB to see my client. She comes roaring back into the house with this lovely announcement: "The radio has been stolen out of the red car!"

Three cars, three incidents in just over 12 hours. I think we are done, don't you?


Andrea said...

without a doubt, yes, yes you are done with car troubles.

Jennie said...

Oh, for pete's sake! I'm so sorry.

And FTR, you were welcome to knit inside my house, really!