Sunday, March 12, 2006

A completed project and more fiber

Several weeks back I finished the scarf and hat for Jeriann but never took pictures until the other day. Since The Girl Friend is heading back to the homestead in early April I think I will send it off with her to hand deliver.

Remember Tigger? I
started it on my trip home when I finally found the perfect ribbon yarn.

I seem to have a theme going with this project. Remember how I frogged everything I had knit on the plane? Rather quickly I knitted up the left front, started the right front, and discovered a miscount in the rows and frogged all but the first 16 rows!

The back still is good
. Progress has been made of the left front. The sweater must be finished in time for The Girl Friend to hand deliver as well in early April.

Here is the booty collected* during my frenzied shop at Goldman's Yarn before leaving the east coast. The lovely fushia yarn on cones is a totally unknown entity! I was thinking of using this yarn to make Odessa.

I had found this adorable pattern that to make for Leigh, The Most Adorable Niece in the recent issue of Knit It! - they call it a kimono set, which of course is misnomer. The colours published are ridiculous, a toddler in white. Absurd!

I found something
much more interesting at Goldmans. Sirdar' Snuggly yarn. There is not one bit of natural fiber, but at least it can be washed and dried by machine. My version is going to be green (shade 378) with lavendar (shade 393)trim (this link has the closest to true colours I can find!). On my monitor my photo is closer to the true colours.

Has anyone worked with Berroco's Softwist (again the web colours don't really represent their gorgeousness)? It seemed so yummy, the stock was limited and I was only able to find two skeins each in the this fabulous forest green (viridian #9426) and a wonderful almost shimmery deep red (Alizarin # 9478). I have no idea what I will do with this stuff, but I had to have. Ya know? I don't want to use them together because well, way too christmasy.

There was one only hank of Reynolds's Mandalay in colour #35, which is called Indigo. Not enough to do much, I realize, but it was only $5.00 and just wanted to know what it be like knit with this type of silk. Okay, any silk.

Then there was this one lone ball of Trendsetter Yarns Muse, in Plum Passion (#1477). Deeper than this example, but crisper and more red plum than this one. I have a few lace scarf patterns in mind for this ball. It will probably be a gift. Big surprise as I have yet to knit anything for myself. Ever. Not 2.5 years ago when I took it up for about 3 months, and not this go round which started in October. One day I will make something for me.

I need to take some photos of some other yarns to gather ideas from all 5 of my readers as to what to do with it.

I am very excited to finish Tigger, and start the Kimono Set, though there is no way in hell it will be done for the upcoming visit. I did finally finish that alpaca scarf for The Girl Friend and the hat is almost done. Today she was wearing the scarf and I took a close look - I did really good work on it. I'm feeling really good about it. I want to make her another scarf, but one out of a warmer fiber, a thicker, plusher pattern to gaurd her against the chilly winds of Point Isabel.

*If you look carefully there is a photo of Leigh, The Most Adorable Niece behind the yarn.

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What tigger outfit? And I say that you can hand deliver the kimono set.