Wednesday, March 08, 2006

On the cusp

Random things.

Yesterday first several of us went to the monthly county meeting. The topic was an introductory session on The Nurtured Heart Approach by Howard Glasser. I didn't learn any new therapeutic techniques, but as my colleague Michael said, it was a good reminder. Following that I went back to the "office", I use that term very loosely, where I wrote a preliminary treatment plan where I mostly guessed what M needs. I don't think I'm far off but it's still good that I excel at making shit up.

Tomorrow I have my first individual supervision, followed by my first "session" with my client, whom I feel I know very little about. Thursday we have our administrative meeting followed by my first group supervision.

Yesterday Theopia called me, to ask if I would be on a current student panel on Saturday during the Residential Orientation to speak to incoming students. Wow. Cool, huh? Then today she called with another proposition, and this one pays! More demo stuff for incoming students, this one on how the online blackboard system works. I am not sure I can do the Friday thing but told her I would definitely be there on Saturday. I feel like I've been flying under the radar (except for that little threat of academic probation thing) at school and all of a sudden, I'm not.

Of course before I could even say yes to Saturday, I had to figure when my presence would be needed for a multiple agency fundraiser for BirthWays, Waddle and Swaddle, and Sistahs of the Good Birth. I found I could do both, but it will be a busy day.

Somehow suddenly my time is busy and fuller.

Sunny is doing so much better. Her dematologist suggested that she get the wisps of hair cut so that her hair, which is apparently starting to grow, would grow in more evenly. Well she called her salon, Eclipse. The gave her the last appointment of the day, so it would be fairly empty, put screen around her - generally were incredibly respectful and loving. To prepare for the visit she put on full makeup so that at least part would look good (her perceptive). Well it went so well that after she got home, she took the hat off and looked in the mirror for the first time since she started losing her hair. While she was telling this tale, I teared up. I tell you, I really did. This is huge. Then today, she told I don't have to call her everyday. Wow. I think I will tailor the calls down, go to twice a week, then once a week - which is about our normal happy mother/daughter ratio of contact.

The new semester starts on Monday. I haven't completed all the papers I had wanted to yet, but I know I can do it.

Much to Greg's dismay I will be doing some knitting entries as I need to finish The Girl Friend's hat so I can post photos of her hat and scarf. Jeriann's hat and scarf need to be captured digitally and then sent to Ohio. Leigh's sweater is coming along quite nicely! The back and left front are done and I just casted on the right front. Two sleeves, a collar, blocking and seaming together. I have to have it done by early April as The Girl Friend is going home to surprise her dad for his birthday. If I am truly a wondeful auntie I will make the other outfit in time for hand delivery as well. I also need to show y'all the yarn I bought, as Jennie reminded me.

The Girl Friend and I have realized that it is almost a year since we moved in this house, since we became a couple rather than part of the triad-ish dynamic we started with two years ago. Staggering. A year! A dear friend, Susan, has suggested that we turn our home blessing party (held last July) into a yearly event to "keep the mojo going". Maybe we should. We are due for a party. Let's see, we had one in July, October and December. Yep, time indeed. Hm, what should our theme be this time. House blessing, Harvest blessing, Chanukah Lighting Party - check. Missed Ground Hog's Day, Super Bowl, Fat Tuesday. What's coming up next on the calendar. Hm. "Dharma has a Client" celebration. Nah. Belated birthday for Wyatt (he turned one year on Feb 10th)? Nah. Maybe early May for Happy Adoption Day to celebrate Wyatt's homecoming? Maybe. We know lots of other "adoptions" we could celebrate with that day.

If you have any ideas for a good party them, let me know. In the meanwhile, I have a lot of work to do, and places to be for a change!

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