Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Femme Bonding Experience

I mean "femme" in the a general sense of a woman who identifies in her physical expression, and some emotional qualities with the feminine stereotype. Yeah that makes a whole lotta sense. Okay, what I'm trying to say is I don't think the other woman in this story is a lesbian, so I'm using the term to describe a type of woman that has nothing to do with sexual identification. Does that make a bit more sense? No? Oh well, on with the tale.

Friday, in between a million and two other things, I scheduled an appointment at Benefit to get my brows done. Yes, I do that. Wax and tint thank you very much. I think it looks great, I just forget to do it regularly enough that it's not noticable and people think I just have great brows. While driving there I was thinking I should ask Beth, the best brow person ever, for a recommendation for a new hair person. I love Kimberly, don't get me wrong, but I haven't been inspired by her and my hair is boring me to death. While I'm in my chair waiting for Beth, this woman walks in with a great haircut. She has a great cut, beautiful skin (jealous, jealous, jealous), my style of jewelry (okay one of my styles of jewelry) and looks comfortable in her body. Not great as in "if I had an hour a day to spend on my hair" great. Or even great as in "fabulous cut but nothing my hair would do". I mean great as in "I could wear that!" So I said, "I love your hair cut". She thanked me with total enthusiasm - another great plus in my book. She then went on to offer that she gets her hair done at Festoon (cha-CHING) by the owner (double cha-CHING). Then she comes closer to me and say, "I know I don't know you but..." and proceeds to move my sunglasses from the top of my head, runs her fingers through my hair and proclaims that I absolutely had the type of hair that would take to this cut. In addition she tells me that I have great hair. How could one not love this woman, I ask you? She then says, I'll write down the information for you. Like I could forget! But still, so generous. On the back of her business card she writes the information, says that Melissa might not be taking new clients but to call her and tell Melissa that she (Dayna) referred me. Dayna assured me that even if Melissa couldn't squeeze me in, that she would be able to recommend someone great.

Even though I still don't have an appointment and Melissa isn't taking new clients in the Berkeley salon, this is a public thank you to Dayna Macy, Communication Director at the Yoga Journal for being so wonderful.

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