Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I am so lucky

As I said, my flight home was fine and dandy except for that little knitting thing. It was wonderful to see The Girl Friend. She had arranged for Piccolo's mom, Ruth, to pick up Wyatt and take him to the Point so there was no hurry for us. Such lovely forethought. We splurged and got a nice very late breakfast at Jimmy Beans, after hitting two other places which were closed (like I said it was very late, even for brunch). Scrambled tofu, yum.

We had apparently just missed Ruth dropping Wyatt off as he was home when we got there. Let me tell you - The Girl Friend had worked her butt off while I was gone. The house was so clean, she had rearranged some things in the living room in a lovely way. There is now some artwork up in the house! And, and, and the best thing of all - she and Ruth had painted the bathroom. I am in so much heaven. The bathroom had been this very blah blue when we moved in, which clashed terrible with the border tile next to it and the cream tile below. After about a dozen paint chip samples, I had finally decided on a colour and even bought the damn paint way back in July but never gotten off my ass to do it and it nagged at me. (Well dang it, I can't find the colour anywhere on the web. It's Martha Stewart {stop snickering, I looked at a lot of companies} and it's called, I think, First Frost, a barely green with a hint of blue. It reminds of sea glass. It looks SO good. It lightens the room up, which is good since it's a small bathroom. I love it.

This was exceptional for me in that usually I am the one that does this sort of thing and to have it turned around, well, damn! I don't even feel the need to change things around. Too much. Okay, okay I moved the chairs in the living room slightly. And the wooden stand in the dining room, just a few inches. But that's all. Really.

Such a nice homecoming.

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