Monday, November 15, 2010

Live from the road

It's true! I'm the classic Sapp's Bros. in Clearfield, PA on my way to Dayton, eating at Aunt Lu's. Got on the road later than intended so I expect to drive until about midnight, probably will sleep in the car to keep the trip cheap, but who knows. After this much driving I might spoil myself a bit.

I am excited to see a few folks who I really miss out there before turning back around with things I haven't seen for about 1.5 years or more! It will be like a holiday gift extravaganza whenever I open the boxes.

Later peeps!

1 comment:

LittleWit said...

Have fun in Dayton. We've really been craving Christy's a lot lately. Haven't found anything to substitute for it yet over here.

Feel free to give me a holler if you want to slow down while passing through Columbus. :)