Monday, April 13, 2009

Next time just slap me*

When I start bemoaning that my family will judge me in a negative light. That totally did not happen. One cousin said, "Oh, so you are footloose and fancy free then?", like it was a good thing. My sister said it was great that I was being open to what came next. Terrible, right? Yeah, so next time remind me that in all my years with them they have never to my face said anything negative, never put me down. What they say in private, well whatever. They have supported me and worried about me but that's really not so bad, you know.

Next time I complain about not having a seder to go to, remind how this year I went to three! Yes three! I am a lucky, well fed woman. They were all delightful, different, fun, challenging, and thoughtful - like all jewish get togethers in my experience. For a mostly veghead, let me assure you that there is nothing like a really excellent brisket on the holiday. Nothing.

* That is a metaphorical slap which needed to be clarified to a pain in the ass, in the best way, to my friend Greg who wanted to know if if was really okay to slap me. It's not! Well at least it's not okay for him, other people may have different privileges.


Jbeeky said...

My family is much worse in my mind. I always worry before I go to the east coast. I am glad your fears where unfounded.

LittleWit said...

It's good that your family is looking out for you. :) Sometimes it's hard to remember that because of all the stories we concoct in our heads when they aren't around.

Chris said...

I think it must just be a universal thing that we put words and thoughts into our vision of our family. I do the same thing, even though, like you, I've never heard a non-supportive thing from them ever! It's good to hear a smile in your voice!