Friday, September 21, 2007

It's been far too long

So first I am going to cut and paste from random emails.
I started an entry the other night which I will post soon.

September 10th 1:19pm
We are overwhelmed, stressed and on about plan G for everything regarding this move. Pins and needles is a good description. The loan from our friend is less than I had thought but enough to put a down payment on the house in question and maybe a smidge leftover. We are still trying to figure out how we are moving, and hence exactly when.

Same day 9:45pm
The panic comes and goes.
Actually got some of my list done today which is amazing.

Good news, it's seems the fuel pump in the Purple Beast is fine and it was just the alternator.
If true it will cost about $400 rather than about $700 to repair.
Now we are thinking of trailering the Subaru to the rented moving truck and I would drive Purple Beast.
Mayflower gave us an estimate of $6000!!!!!!!!!! to load and move us. Nope, no can do. So back to the original plan, maybe. I have checked online and found we can probably rent a truck and pay the gas for driving for about $3000. Sure we ill need $ to pay people to help load and unload, but not $3K worth!

Six years ago today, on a Monday I started driving west. Really freaky.

September 11th My horoscope
It's more important now to keep all your dealings above board, for the unspoken assumption can be your undoing. Even the slightest bit of shady dealings can cause your world to come tumbling down. Even in the midst of a big transition, you must hold steadfast to your core truth, for this is what will ultimately pull you through.

September 12th 9:53am
I'm up now, clothes are on but they're NOT cute. ;-)

September 13th 10:19am
Yes I'm freaking.
There are still many things to pack and much cleaning that needs to happen.
Finances are crazy as in mostly nonexistent.
We are on pins and needles about a housing possibility.
Saying good bye to people and this area is VERY hard.
I am trying to be positive but sometimes I am just a mess.
My relationship with my mother is strained to say the least.
I am being brutal about going through things to keep and things to pass along.
In many ways this feels good but it is still reflects a lot change.
Our friend Jeriann in Ohio has been a great support and I look forward to spending more time with her.
She has been helping by looking at places and being a great cheerleader for TGF.

The goal is rent the truck Sunday or Monday and hit the road Tuesday the 18th.
I figure it will take at least 4 days to drive, probably more like 5, getting us to Ohio, I hope, by Saturday the 22nd.
TGF starts work on the first of October and my birthday, as has been noted is the 2nd.
I expect it to be a fairly bizarre day.

This past Monday was the 6 year anniversary of my heading out of Massachusetts on my way here. As a native New Yorker, I couldn't do more than skim a friend's reposting of that time period. This coming Sunday will be 6 years since I landed in California, two days before I leave the state. The timing of this whole thing has been very reminiscent of 2001. The job became a reality at almost the exact same time as the last big move. It is not PTSD so much as it stirs so many things up for me and the repetitive nature of life felt a bit foisted upon me in a most unwilling way.

I have been trying to maintain a balance between saying goodbye, being sad about leaving - even angry sometimes, and looking at this move optimistically. For the most part I look at life as an adventure and am positive about things being as they are supposed to be. When broke and in debt it's sometimes hard to be positive but I still try to see what I am supposed to learn from even that situation. So once again I am mourning tremendously while working on creating a new foundation in a new state.

About our housing situation in Ohio - I don't want to go into any details but can I ask for positive thoughts that it works out the way we hope and need?

Thanks for listening if you made it this far.

in peace
who apparently really really needed to vent some things

September 15th 2:28pm
Subject: If you have any time on Monday

For moral support and hauling boxes out of the house to the truck...

I cannot believe this is really happening.
We went to check out the truck and finalize rental plan just a bit ago.
Have you ever had that scared but terribly excited feeling come over you?
That's what happened to both of us as we walked the behemoth that will be carrying our massive amount of stuff.
We have arranged for our buddy Isaac and a worker for the truly heavy stuff and to organize the jigsaw puzzle that is loading a houseful of goods into a 24-foot truck. And I am hoping he is familiar with how to attach the car carrier as we will be towing the Subaru.

Today and tomorrow will be the final stages of packing
(I hope to be doing NONE on Monday, but one never knows).

Hey and if you know anyone who wants the two 60's orange chairs with cat damage
PLEASE let me know. The craigslist person bailed.
Ditto TGF's computer desk. Both things are free.
Anyone want a Mitsubishi 42" HD television with a stand (about 3 years old) for $350 or best offer?
A working but not pretty gas grill? Free.
Hey Andrea, want that Centipede game. Or anyone else - a full size arcade game - great project piece. Cheap!
Have photos for any of these things.
2 large CRT monitors? Free.

We will miss you all.

Okay that kinda catches y'all up on why I haven't been writing. There is clearly so much more I hope to capture a fair amount of it soon.


goblinbox said...

Moving sucks.

I'm not willing to drive a gihugent truck across the country, so I'd already decided not to take more than I can stuff into the jeep even before I went out to The Ex's and discovered that the vast majority of my stuff is ruined anyway.

The point is, moving sucks. The part with the stuff, I mean. The doing something new part is hella exciting.

Huge smooches to your entire household.

Jbeeky said...

I felt stressed out reading about it! So much going on! These are rough waters but you are moving towards calmer ones. Take care and know we are thinking of you!

Kelly said...

You both are in my thoughts and I hope that you land in Ohio safely and peacefully. I've found that the stress prior to a move seems worse that the actual move or arrival at the destination.

Hang in there and keep focusing on this whole process as an adventure. :)

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Was just thinking about you today, wondering how you were.