Monday, September 10, 2007

But wait there's more on sleep!

It's true I'm obsessed about sleeping because I am never not tired these days. Okay sometimes I have felt totally enthralled and awake. Mostly at camp, and yes JBeeky I will post some photos soon because thanks to you I actually took a few.

That first night three weeks ago in Northampton I was sitting in Adrienne's living room doing something.. when it because clear that a storm was passing over. I love thunder and lightening storms and miss them terribly in California. Did you know they are a rare thing in the Bay Area? I was shocked and saddened to learn that when I moved here. Here I was my first night on the east coast and the sky lit up p
urple for me, thunder rumbled like a very large cat. Lifting myself from the sinky goodness of the couch I went out on the tiny porch. Seriously it's maybe 4 feet wide by the length of the house, which is not great. I curled myself into a chair and watched the sky change colours for seconds at a time, listened to the shimmering sound of leaves imitating the musical sounds of paliettes on a dancers' hips while she shimmies. Soon after I crawled back the couch and went to sleep, actually had a good night sleep. The next night was lovely as well. Sunday night Adrienne and I shared a bed in a Mot*l 6 in Portland as we choose to drive up a bit early and wander Portland in the morning before heading to Poland Spring. It took awhile for my brain to shut down (not an uncommon experience for me) but I slept fairly well.

The first two nights at camp were FREAKING cold. As in I slept in a cabin, albeit uninsulated and unheated, but still a building like thing. I wore a lot of clothing, in a sleeping bag with the other sleeping bag as a blanket over me. I was still cold. The next night I was like a burrito in a kids' mummy sleeping bag, inside the generously sized one, still wearing socks, sweats and two tops. Cold I tell you! Luckily things warmed up and I even slept nekkid in my tent a couple times with just one sleeping bag. Let me tell you this is a rare treat in late August in the state of Maine. The last two nights were the same as the first two. Damn cold.

I returned to Northampton, to an empty house. Adrienne and the boys were away and I enjoyed the sweet quiet of no one for almost 24 hours. Slept on the couch again but not as restfully. Tuesday night I was finally in my own bed, next to my beloved, circled and trapped by my cats. It was muscle cramping bliss I tell you. I slept hard. Really hard. I never heard TGF come into the bedroom, never noticed she turned off the tv. Never heard her get up to deal with animals in the middle of the night. Nada. Absolutely unheard of for me. The only other time such things happen is my first good sleep after attending a long birth.

Sleeping is still a problem and I suspect will remain so forever. Some nights are better than others. TGF has been having a TERRIBLE time. So bad that on Friday she said she literally felt like she was losing her mind because of the lack of rest. The stress is knocking us both off like crazy. I expect to be exhausted for at least another month or two without much reprieve.

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heather said...

well i hope you'll get some good sleep before this but i vote that the night after you pack up the truck you'll sleep like a baby. sure, you're tired now. but are you pushing your body to the limit all day long? probably not. ;-)

also liked your post about thunderstorms. i do miss them, sometimes.