Thursday, August 10, 2006

On a yarnish note

Skein Lane is closing and in attempt to stem my feelings of grief I have been shopping. Yesterday, as a gift to myself for tackling T-Day I came home with:

2 hanks of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, colour 34. This is for TGF, a great colour for her. I was thinking about a scarf, or maybe a cowl. I found this great pattern for a cowl but it asks for a bulky yarn. This pattern is too lacey for her, but would be nice to make for someone. I think I will hunt for a few more hanks of this colour. Jennie showed me this great leaf scarf pattern in a book, can't remember the name but she has a copy of the pattern. I think it would look fabulous in this yarn. Like autumn in Vermont.

3 hanks of Cascade 220 The Heathers colour 4001 - Bluestone, a sort of gray with a hint of steely blue. Actually one skein is marked “The Heathers” one dye lot and the other two aren’t and also a different dye lot. I think I can get away with it.

1 hank of Cascade 220 colour 9475 - Plum, a purplish burgundy, hard to describe.

I think I have enough to make this, assuming of course that I want to make it for me.

1 hank of Cascade 220 The Heathers colour 2448 - Mallard, a rich blue with a touch of teal. TGF thinks it would be a good colour for a hat for her mom, something TFGÂ’s mom wanted after seeing the hat I made TGF. I think there might be enough to make matching mittens. Not that I have any clue as to how to make mittens or how they would turn out, but what's life without a challenge.

Araucanian Moments, a collection of handknit designs for the family in the hand-dyed yarns from araucania, where a bunch of the linked patterns are from.

Flen head wrap would be nice for Sunny

TGF liked the Green Cables, though I’m not sure she like it for herself as it’s a bit frilly at the bottom. I said, “Well I could change the bottom. Ha. I like I know enough about knitting to do that.” She responded that everything I had made was just beautiful. She is such a keeper.

Vansboro – TGF thinks it would accentuate, er, certain body parts she favors on me.

I returned again the shop today! Yes, I know, itÂ’s crazy, I shouldnÂ’t but there you go.

Susan Bates circular size 10, 24 inch for $4.76. Based on JennieÂ’s (this is her knitting blog, different from the link in the previous post) praise I bought Daisy circulars in size 13, 29 inch for $6.32.

Scored two little skeins of Cascade Yarn Pearls, in colour 2612. They were $4.75 each before the 20% discount. I think it will make a sweet little scarf. I will have to swatch it and see what happens. Lacey, openwork type of pattern I think. I'm open to suggestions. I suppose I will need to try to find more skeins. This pattern is nice but calls for many more yards than I have.

The prize of the day was the Bouton dÂ’Or, Liaka colour 338 at 50% off! It was $4.00 (originally $9) a ball, so I bought 10, hoping itÂ’s enough for a sweater. For me! I think I probably have pattern that would work somewhere around here.

I keep looking at the sock yarns they have but I don't know. I have also thought about using the yarn to make something else, but what? This thought, uttered out loud, sparked a delightful conversation between myself and a staff person at Skein Lane, named Darius. Darius asked my name as he remembered helping previously. I said, yes I believe you did but it was quite sometime ago. He responded that he always remembers the short cute ones. Made my day.

Now if I could only find time to knit.

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Jennie said...

Wow, great yarns. I hope you get a chance to knit at DNE...