Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Ice(wo)an Cometh

The day has come when TGF found the ice. It was last Saturday (yes I know I haven’t blogged in forever –I’ve been busy people. BUSY I tell you).

Saturday after great anticipation we headed down to the Belmont ice rink and met up with Jennie, from whom TGF was to borrow much clothing, all of it seemingly padded. Jennie played the patient dresser, though she was distracted a bit and at one point while she elsewhere, TGF and I were perplexed trying to determine which article of “gear” was to be put on next.

Out from the cavernous bag that holds hockey equipment, Jennie pulls her famous black bandana. TGF proceeds to fold it up to put in on headbanger/rocker style but Jennie interrupts the process to say that she “wears it aunt jemina style” because it catches the sweat better. TGF swears that she never sweats, not even when pitching three games in a row in 115 degrees in Arizona back when she was on a traveling fast pitch softball team (anyone dozing off here? I think I started to at that moment because well, have I heard this before? Yes, yes I have.) Being the gracious “Give Hockey a Try Day” participant, she listens to the experienced player. After about 2 hours of dressing time, okay not really but you get the idea, she makes her way to the rink and onto the ice. I admit it, I’m smiling. A lot. Our good friend Liz is one of the coaches, and after they split the women into rank beginners and “you’ve done this before” groups, turns out Liz is on her side of the rink! Jennie is terribly excited and manages to take some really great shots of TGF.

Once back in the lobby of the rink TGF exclaims “I’m soaked!” Aha! Yeah, so much for “southern women do not sweat”. Playing hockey you are encased in so much gear its impossible not sweat. Hell I imagine just standing still one could work up at least a glow just trying to stand with all that extra weight. The inevitable question of “Well, did you like it” was answered by her telling everyone who would listen for a moment that she smiled the entire time. This was followed by her perusing the used goods that are sold at the event for huge discounts. And I do mean HUGE. For $63 we got skates, hockey pants, gloves, chest protector thingy and a hockey bag that is even good colours for her. I tried finding skates my size. No, I have no intention of playing hockey, I’m not a team sport kind of girl, but I thought it would be fun to learn how to skate and we could go the to Oakland rink together so she could get more comfortable on the ice. I didn’t have any luck so I will have to keep looking around. Before anyone accuses me of having to do something because TGF is doing it, I repeat I will not be playing hockey, and learning to skate has been on my agenda (which like the “gay agenda” is ever changing but always referred to with a knowing nod of the head) for years. By years, I mean at least 15.

Afterwards a big crew of us went out to Hot Pot City for a loud and raucous dinner. We didn’t get home until about 11:30pm.

During the skate time, Jennie asked me – “So ya gonna be a hockey wife? Huh? Are you?” That question has been firmly answered. I just need to get in touch with my inner cheerleader to spur my girl on and my inner jock so I learn the rules to make sure I don’t cheer at the wrong time. The other great thing I determined is the Belmont Rink is near that great thrift store I found in January, and Creative Hands knitting shop. Oh yeah, I’ll be suffering.

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Andrea said...

"just standing still one could work up at least a glow"

that line struck me hysterical, i am ROTFLMAO!

glad you're gonna dust off your pom poms, it's going to be a fun season!