Friday, October 29, 2010

The Little Extras

Tuesday night I receive word from a dear friend that she needs some help - in Massachusetts. Of course I will go, she is family, her children are like my surrogate kids and I was there when each one took their first breaths.

This morning I rise, shaking off sleep and the sick that has been dogging me for days. Heading off with the intention of being at her home before the kids get home from school, not that I know what time that is but no matter.

Arriving there, with autumn in all her glory, I am back in the area where that always comes to mind in the month of October. Going into the garage I see that the two black labs have torn apart a cushion, making a huge mess. Making
a note that I will clean that up, I head into the house and pet the tiny but powerfully noisy toy dog of some unknown breed that it weighs less than any cat I have ever owned and therefore in my mind is barely a member of the canine family.

Since I did not partake of any rest stops on the 2+ hour drive I head to the powder room. With ease and calm I walk back out to the family room only to find that I did not shut the door firmly enough. Argh. That means that long haired yippy
thing has probably escaped. Dashing outside the perky beast runs up to me licks my fingers and before I can grab her, takes off, along with the bigger lab. What proceeds is an amusing chase-not chasing - calling-not calling-thing as I try to calmly pursue the dogs, in particular the tiny one, terrified she will get hit by a car and I will have to explain to the eldest child how I let her beloved dog that she carries like a baby die. Charming way to start a visit, no? No. I alternate between the road and meandering through people's front and backyards while the little beast races back and forth across the road, looping around sheds, mailboxes and the like.

One good thing about a small dog racing, they tire fast. When she had expended her energy she stayed still as I came nonchalantantly upon her, scooping her up and calling the large lumbering dog to drop the 5 foot tree branch and follow me home.

This began my stay in Hatfield MA.


goblinbox said...

Eeek. Little escapee dog!

Lisa said...

Not meaning to laugh, but the mental images of this post are wonderful!