Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Busy Time in Brooklyn

As previously noted I went to a film showing at Tabla Rasa on Tuesday night but earlier that day I also went to the Gowanus Print Lab to meet master printer Deborah Chaney who is working with Greg on a series of etchings he is producing from our trip to Utah. They are just beginning the work, and as I had never seen this process I was eager to take a peek, as well as to meet Deborah to find out more about production and pricing.

Deborah was a lovely hostess in her studio, watching her work was fascinating. I did a brief "photo essay" of our time there which you can view here. I hadn't intended to spend the entire 3+ hours there but I became engrossed in the process and wanted to see a print produced. I was lucky enough to see two done.

Tonight we had plans to attend an event at Central Booking, but the fates had other plans. We left to catch dinner at Bubby's in DUMBO. Traffic between the Slope and DUMBO was crazy but both Greg and I decided to just go with the flow. Bubby's is in a fabulous location between the two bridges - the views from our table was stunning. The space itself is huge but doesn't feel lonely or like an empty tunnel with sound bouncing off the walls. Service was great, their ethics on local foods wonderful, and the food was scrumptious.

We were supposed to go to this event at Central Booking but between traffic and a lovely meal we were running late. Thinking we could just sneak in the back, we confidently strode over to find a locked door. However as luck would have it was an open studio night at the building so we poked around a bit, and heeding Janet's suggestion popped over to the Brooklyn Arts Council. We found ourselves there just in time for a talk with artist Otto Neals and Emmett Wigglesworth. It was amazing to stumble on this, I loved this talk. Otto Neals is the most gorgeous 80 year old I've even seen, and has the most beautiful voice. Emmett is passionate, with an enthusiasm for life that is infectious. Greg had worked Emmett when he was at the Department of Education in the 1990s. Emmett commissioned to do a mural in P.S. 181 in Brooklyn - quite a big deal. "You can't worry about being famous, you need to look at what you contributed." It was a very uplifting talk. Also they both worked with the Dorsey Gallery, which is where, I'm pretty sure, we had the memorial for Cynthia Belgrave - we celebrated her life and her art. Sweet ties.

After that finished we found our way back to Central Booking, and though the door was locked we were let in - the talk there was just winding down! While the art in this space was amazing, I think we wound up in the one that suited our moods and temperments better.

Shortly after we arrived home Janet followed with the proof of a small book project they have been working on - very exciting end to the day. Look for information on this book in coming months!

Soon I am off to bed because tomorrow we leave for Miami! Art Basel, partying with Alex and Allyson Grey, and looking at art until our eyes bleed!

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