Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

The days following where I left off were rather plain and ordinary. Shocking I know but not every day involves travel, love, and Broadway. That Thursday I went to a clinic to get a breast exam in order to be "in the system" for a free mammogram. So exciting I can hardly tell you. Good thing I brought my knitting since there was a whole lot of waiting around. Speaking of which I still have not heard back from them regarding said mammogram, another thing to add to my to do list, call the clinic.

Friday I picked up Janet from the Metro North st
ation so we could head to New Paltz for some festivities. On the way up we stopped at DIA:Beacon, a museum Ms. Morgan wanted to check out. It was the least juicy art either of us had seen, perhaps ever. We resumed our travels to arrive at Matt's new abode in the center of New Paltz where we had a bit of an impromptu party with the addition of some of his pals. Greg could not resist his new addiction and I looked up several Eddie Izzard videos on YouTube to fed his habit.

The next day, later than Greg wanted due to his enthusiasm, we headed outside o
f town to Joe and Steph's lovely home where our SCA household (House Ostrov) was holding the annual Feast in the Woods. As the afternoon slid into early evening people changed into garb, the fire was maintained in a roaring fashion, mead and food were consumed, and conversation flowed until close to midnight. Janet, aka Otgon the Bemused, took and posted photos.

Sunday morning Greg, Janet, Kelly and I went for about a 4.5 mile hike - my first one in easily 15 years! There was some scrambling up rocks and such to reach Bonticou Crag Summit.
Proof I wa
s up there compliments of Janet.

There were lots of lovely views and I got an excellent chance to use my new camera (courtesy of BC).

<- A view from the top.

Looking back at the path on the way back to the ho

Hungry from our excursion we snacked quickly on leftovers from the feast and loaded up the car to return to the city. Unfortunately a trip that should have taken two hours was turned into a four hour exercise in patience due to traffic.

Tuesday night I cooked dinner using ingredients from Joe's garden: large chili peppers (which I stuffed), kale sauteed with garlic. Plus I introduced Janet and Greg to the magic of spaghetti squash tossed with butter, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese. Later we watched Tank Girl which I had, amazingly, never seen. Seeing it I finally figure out where Greg got his constant refrain: Is that wrong?

I stayed with them until Thursday morning when I drove back to Croton, planning on a big weekend; however I woke feeling a bit crummy and mostly staying in bed on Saturday. Sunday morning I woke determined to continue my plans, heading up to Rhinebeck for the infamous Sheep and Wool Festival, the mecca for us yarn heads. It was so so wonderful even though the weather was not fabulous, the yarns were. Great fun was had, cute animals (including ringed tail lemurs!) were seen, and lots of yarn was procured. From there I headed to New Paltz for Matt's housewarming party where I met up with Greg. We stayed long enough to go through a few variations of "variations" of the party; great fun seeing the ebb and flow of a social gathering. Joe also came; later the three of us headed back to his house to crash for the night. In the morning Greg and I drove over to Mohonk Mountain House and did an easy hike of about 3 miles with gorgeous views. Unfortunately I did not have my camera so I have no lovely vistas to share with you. Greg and I returned to the house to pack up and I drove him down to the Metro North station near my folks' place.

My plan had been to drive to BC's house but the car (Indy, short for Indigo, formerly referred to as the Purple Beast. Now that she is mine outright I renamed her since the ex had christened her PB.) had been acting up a bit so I decided it was wise to take her in before a long drive. Ha! We will just say that I would up flying and will owe the folks a great deal of money for fronting the price of a new transmission.

So that gets us to last Thursday. I will attempt to write again soon but life is lovely here with BC so I get lulled away from things like the computer a bit.

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oooh Rhinebeck. you do realize that I now have to hate you a little bit, right? ;)