Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where I've been!

March 21 Sat Landed at Sunny's. Croton on Hudson
March 23 Mon Got to Matt's Saugerties
March 28 I was at Greg's in Brooklyn for a couple of days. Was able to attend their open studio and helped prep for it.
April 1 or 2 Back to Sunny's then Matt's.

April 4 Sat went to Freestyle Frolic
April 7 Brooklyn for a few days - Seder with internet friends on the 8th, Seder with my family on the 9th -first time since at least 2001.
April 10 Back in Saugerties and another Seder, with Matt's family, who I haven't seen since his wedding in 1990!
April 17 Dinner with Greg in New Paltz
April 18 Freestyle Frolic
April 23 Go to Brooklyn
April 24 Concert in the Village (Hassan Hakmoun opening act was wonderful! Tinariwen main show - if you get the chance you MUST see them live!)
April 26 Back to Sunny's
April 27 Go with Sunny and Lindsay to hospital for a procedure for Lindsay
April 28 Head to Manhattan early to meet some friends
April 29 to Brooklyn
April 30 to Croton/Sunny

May 1st Eye doctor, lots of paper business, back to Brooklyn
May 2nd Memorial for Greg's dad.
May 3rd Back to Sunny - dentist and chiropractor
May 4 Back to Saugerties.

Next up:
May 12 Drive to Sunny's with all my stuff from Saugerties.
May 13 Brooklyn to housesit for Greg & Janet
May 15 Get to New Paltz and go with Hrana and Dave to Boston (Dance Friday - like the Frolic)
May 16 Drive to New Hampshire to check out the new camp site for August.
May 16/17 get back New Paltz and then Brooklyn.
May 19 see Sarah and Catalina
May 22 fly to Ohio
May 24 go to a wedding in Dayton
May 29 start taking care of my furry babies
June 9 fly to California to see folks before camp
June 19-28 NCDC camp
June 30 fly back to Brooklyn
July 2-5 Go to a kink event in New Jersey
Start housesitting in Brooklyn for the month
Sometime go to Jersey shore to visit my fabulous friend.
August 13 go to New Hampshire for DNE

After that? No idea!

So that my dear readers is part of why I have been silent. My brain has been quite noisy and I have lots of ideas for posts. Hopefully the noisy will come out my fingers soon and even more hopefully when it does, it will be entertaining, interesting or an otherwise positive experience for my readers who I thank for sticking by me and being patient.


LittleWit said...

I would like to see you when you come back to Ohio! :)

Jbeeky said...

I am glad you are doing well and kiss the dogs for me!