Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's been forever

I swear I haven't forgotten about this space I just have been busy, distracted, and tired. So here are some tidbits.

Remember I was bemoaning my friendship status in California? Well Jennie and Liz threw me (and Glamour Girl who was in town for an interview) a potluck. Did I mention that? I should have and I'm too cranked to go back and see if I did already.

There was a huge yarn stash sale up in Englewood and I got an awesome haul of haul for practically nothing. Enough for three adult sweaters, a ton of accessories, and a shawl. Plus I have been doing some knitting and hope to knock out a bunch of stuff in the next few weeks. Pictures of things later.

I have been continuing to work out sporadically which is a good thing (more on that later, another post probably). However my arm is still messed up from when Wyatt pulled me down back in April. Not fun!

Still reading more than I have in years, still not enough for my ideals (same with knitting and a million other things) but progressing nonetheless. More on this later too hopefully.

I leave for the east coast for Dance New England in less than two weeks and my to do list is enormous.

The big news is we adopted a new kitten, or rather he claimed us. We were walking Wyatt on the Green almost three weeks ago and heard this pitiful crying. Stopped and bounding across the street comes this little guy who runs up to Wyatt and rubs his face. Yeah, we are suckers. His name is Casey.

He adores Wyatt and Marcelle almost lo
oks like she could be his mama. Atticus also plays with him.

So that's the super quick and brief update. There's been a ton in my head and I have been a very bad blogger but I hope to change that soon.


heather said...

you're forgiven for not blogging; this post explodes with cuteness. congrats, sucker!

louisiana swamp rat said...

What a cute kittie! Makes me want a new one...but I must resist!

Jbeeky said...

I love watching cats sleep. They have such an entitled decadence about them. She is adorable!