Monday, July 07, 2008

Scenes from a temp job

2:04 So bored. Once again while feeling like I will lose my mind I wonder if I could use the time to meditate, or at least focus on breath but the atmosphere and lack of activity leaves me feeling like I will explode. Probably perfect time to concentrate on breath and ignore the "lite" radio station, snippets of conversation from my coworkers, the people coming and going on the other side of the plexiglass windows. Instead I am writing about how painful it is to have almost nothing to do since 8:00a.m.

2:18 Tried it. Focused on breath, where I was holding tension. Very distracting environment, knowing I might have to answer the phone at anytime. But hey I tried.


heather said...

dude, i feel your pain. not right now, but boy have i been there with this job. hope things perk up! can you read at work? knit?

goblinbox said...

Being bored SUCKS. No two ways around it.